24 January 2013

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21 January 2013

The city that I own + Giveaway

My love for a city that still exists. I cried for it and miss being there.

I was born and raised in Karachi , the biggest city of my country. The city of lights , my love and my reason of pride. I lived there for 12 and half years. School life , friends , home , relatives and neighbours , everyone was there in my city.
On 14th August 2008 Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal formally launched a unique City Ownership Program “I Own Karachi”. 
This three word sentence I Own Karachi became my and my twin's byword. Pre-teen sentiment.
In 2009 , we left Karachi.
I still miss it.
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It's international. No discrimination :D

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18 January 2013

Style 247

Wondering if I could look back at some styles of my own. 
I wasn't disappointed :D

Do you like them?


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16 January 2013

There's no cost for imagination

Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can? 
Sun Tzu 

As being a blogger , I learnt many things. One , most important, is that my imagination has reached a platform. I am able to spend my mind colouring my world and others too. 

The man who has no imagination has no wings
                                                                                                         -Muhammad Ali

I paint and design , through the eye of my imagination. The power of your imagination turns a simple piece of cloth into a red carpet design. Imagining has no cost dear :)

Fashion is imagination~

My design

Be free, imagine and fly like bubbles.

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14 January 2013

Outift : Traditional / Review : Rimmel Kate Moss Collection

Back in memory , I was searching for some outfits, I found it out.
My favourite dress.

Kinda traditional. Wedding and party wear. I prefer black colour for elegance. 
Net sleeves and sequince. I love it!

Long shirt with stilettoes and sequince.

I recently got this Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick #5. I rarely buy one. But I really like this. Actually it's kinda girly and lovely. Slippery & mild. I thought that it would be glossy and shiny but it is not sadly .

 It is perfect for "spring surprise" parties here. I am not sure if it suits the Eid festival too.

It is actually simply lovely. I would buy it again if it ends , I would buy it again :)


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11 January 2013

Twins : A revolution / Review : Lip Smacker

It is true that everyone looks ugly duckling in their tween-time. 
Many people that are in their tween time and looks fat , chubby , dark  and other features.

Me and my twin , 
Haha I just dug out our embarrassing  funny and lovely photos :D
As tweens , we were chubby. But I always hated it.

The time has changed and the girls are changed.

We now look different :D
                                       I love this picture of me and Noori

Review : Lip Smacker

Lip smackers are really popular around the world. I love them too. Me and my sister use to wear them while dressing up for school. It's a cool trend for students.

My favourite flavour is Vanilla Sugar Pinky Liquid , we both use it. Typically girly product and it has really mild and shiny result. The main thing I love about it is it's smell. It smells so yummy like a cup cake or Vanilla cake and I am a cup cake lover. It is tasteless , actually I tried it if if taste really like a cup cake :D It aint very greasy but still moisturising. 

The lovely look.

A really mild and light effect.

                                      Simple and shiny , perfect for school.
                                                      I give it  10/10
                                                        Buy it here

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8 January 2013

The fantasy

Watching fantasy movies is great , but what when they stick to your head? *Disasters*. Haha not really, but then you always feel yourself in a scene. While , strolling , wandering and even in bathing :D Making weird hair styles when you have shampoo on in your hair and fighting with bubbles. Ah , these incidents may vary from person to person.

                           My Head In Fantasy Condition
                    Headline : She and her own Disney
Ariel : Young , little mermaid. I don't have a tail and long , think red hair , but while running after my little cousins like Ariel does with her friend Flourine  ( My cousins call it PLAYING) I feel much like Ariel with my thick stuffed hair. Noori comes like Sebastian and stop all the acts and then King Of Sea , my dad , saves the act :D

Cinderella : When my mum gives me any work , like dish washing , I think of my siblings. While rubbing dishes until they start shining , I feel like they are similar with the step sisters of Cinderella . Specially my twin makes the great role of villain. And when they work , I become to act like wicked old step mother *-*

Sleeping Beauty : Aurora Rose , means exactly me. I don't have any curse but my mum thinks I have one. I sleep a lot and I love to do this. And I know it would never happen that any Prince will pass by and awake me. All I know is my mum would come and tell me that I have been sleeping for passed 3 hours -_-
A rare one :)

Only thing which is real , I believe in happy endings :)


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4 January 2013

So trembling

Getting so crazy about my art and designs. Just spent hours only to complete one dress design. I thought it is the most stunning design I've ever made. I tremble as I completed it!
Glitter , teal and brown, simple amazing :D
I searched on google if there was any site to submit my designs there , but ah , I didn't find one -__-

What do you think about it?

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3 January 2013

Psst , sneak into my bag!

-Psst , look at her! She is taking photo of sign boards.
-Oh look at her , she is gawking at beauty products ads.
-Oh she is a blogger.

As being a blogger is very difficult , non-bloggers always think that we are weird. 
We are pure actually :) Every blogger needs the picture of incidents to show what exactly happened!

A popular trend of sneaking into other blogger's bag! I would love to show mine. 

What's in her bag?

Some Kawaii items gifted by my aunt. 
My oxygen. 
 I am a victim of skin allergy. I can't live without these products. Lip Balm and face Gel .

Brooch , ring and hair pins
           I can't cope my hair without hair pins!!!
My lovely brooch.
My silver ring , a gift by mum :)

 Every female adores mirror!

 My creation. Bookmark created by me.

Lip smacker
Hmm yummy lip smacker. I will be doing  a review soon :)

Drums Roll

I am a designer,
Fashion Designer, *lie*
Ahem Ahem , casual designs

What do you think about them?

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