6 November 2012

I said hello :)

Hey reader , I am Areeba but I will love you if you call me Aree. It's kinda nick & my mum doesn't like it , but whatever!
I am an artist , not learning arts , it's my passion. I make journals and some paintings . I am not expert but I just do cause this thing calms me :)
I don't believe in love now , I only believe that I have got family and teenage love isn't real ( My sister told me ). I am Google verified human and I make mistakes. I sing but so terribly that I can break glasses :D

-Age : 15
-Colour : Beige
-Status : On Cloud 9
-Music? : Yeah , it's part of me
-Work : Nope sorry , I am too lazy.

Nice to meet ( is there anyone? ) you if you are reading this.
Aree :)

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