30 November 2012

It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven

Don't ask me to stop , it's December tomorrow :D
It'll be December tomorrow , which means Holidays , Lights, Sweets , Wishes , Presents , Hugs , Mails, Sweaters, Yummy Food and much more.
I am so excited :D
Let me tell you that November wasn't very lucky :(

-I got my Chemistry's marks yesterday. I am just torn apart. I got 51/75 which is not good. Noori got 54/75. 

-My camera was missing since last week. I was really in tension as it was too expensive. My mum told me that it might be possible that someone stole it. I cried the whole Wednesday , didn't sleep Wednesday night and so my morning was the worst with sore eyes. With pain I got my marks too :'(

-The last thing which is the worst part , my camera wasn't missed. My mum kept it . She didn't tell me even I was dying for it. She punished me but my dad told me. I spent my LARGE amount of time with it while my family get together so she hid it :( 
Now she won't give it to me until any special event or after one month -_-

I am currently listening to

Never let you go By Justin Bieber

It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven

Some of my favourite photos taken through my camera's lense :)

                                            Picture by Noori when in Mc Donald's , want a bite of my burger?
                                                   Have a good weekend  from me:)

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28 November 2012

Art journalling is addiction ^_^

Ladies meet Lola, my art journal . I called it Lola :D
It was a surprise for me , Noori have one too :D
My dad bought it for me and I made this cover for it. If you are reading my blog since early posts , Lola got into an accident , a glass of water fell on it and many painted pages simply ruined. I started work again & some pages are under my post :)

Who likes the Monday Morning? MONDAY MOANING MORNING -_-
I am never happy with mornings except of Sunday mornings. Waking up on 12:pm and taking brunch with cold drinks :D

Live while we are young ^_^
My dad's tounge badly twisted when he was reading this , haha parents are always too innocent when the matter turns on their kids :)

I didn't know what I have to write for this design , so I did write Dream Bigger :)
I believe that "Reality is wrong.Dreams are too right"
A quote for whole life. 

Aliyan's art , now a part of Lola. His mango is too adorable and I want to keep it forever :D
Aliyan is 6 years old , a student of KG-c , go to school with me in my   coaster :) He is such an aggressive kid but he is too nice with me. We are good friends :D

I am actually addicted to  arts :) I would love if you share some tips/ideas with me :)
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27 November 2012

Let's walk

Elizay left me a note ^_^ With a small gift :)

                                                                 Elizay ^_^  

Fatima loves Winxclub. If you know about them :) 
Fatima is Bloom and I am Stella haha :D
But the best boy is for the fairy MUSA :D
I am so envy of her!

It is fairy Bloom ^_^ Actually it is not , but in the sight of Fatima , it is her! I can't help it but it is Bloom -_-

So my time with those girls was awesome. I now know that spending my time with folks is not that bad -_- Good news for me that my mum is taking me for shopping. YAAYY!!
But didn't decide the date -_-

My teacher told me that our class is going for a peace walk for Hepatitis awareness. A walk and then hospital presentation for a local hospital. I am so excited about it cause me and Noori are in lead :) But I think I need a slogan for our badges. Any idea? 
Like save your kids from Hepatitis etc.

Finger Crossed
I will have my Chemistry's marks soon -_-

Aree :)
I made twitter for this blog , check it , I follow back :)

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25 November 2012

Treasure hunt

Weekend+Kids+Winter sunshine=Treasure hunt

My two aunts were at my home with her kids. two girls and one boy. No one was exceeded from the age of 9. I didn't know how to have fun with them except of drawing something so I took them to the fields. It was a blast of fun , I never thought that it could be :)

I didn't change my night appearance and I was wandering around my area in my pajamas and my poncho , innit great? I felt more liberty haha :D

I guess I am having good photography skills now.

This girl , Fatima , is very good at stone collecting . We had some stones in our treasure :)

                                                                           Noori ^_^

Me and Fatima were trying to have some bushes. WARNING , they are too dangerous for hands. Ouch , I felt it that my hands were badly hurt >.<

 The whole treasure we collected this morning. The best thing was the brinjal. We took it from a farm :) 
These three stones were looking great and this yellow flower seen by me so I took it :)

I have millions of pictures instead of these ^^. Those girls were so sweet. One of them gave me a key chain with a not " You are so kind nad helpful."

Aww I love it <3

Happy Sunday Bloggers :)

Aree :)
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23 November 2012

Hello Sunshine I am waving

Super weekend :D
I am having super weekend of 4 days :D Innit great? there's nothing cooler than long weekends. Still too cold here. I just want a blanket and I am ready to sleep. What a joy!

Kids at home  -_-
My aunt is at home. Yeeaaah super awesome. My uncle's girls also joined us. Noooo!! Super noise. I really don't like noisy kids , except of some. My house is acting like a zoo or forest without any escape. My warm winter days are ruined for some days :(

I am working Oh yeah , my mum is wondering :x

I am never interested in work , but this time I am long weekend so I am doing some DIY craft. My cupborad is having some good luck and I am working hard to make it special :D

Currently I am doing nothing , just rest.
Oh well , I took some photographs of fields near my house :D

Winter sunlight just showed up so I didn't miss my chance. Snap snip snap , enjoy my photos :D

Don't wonder , it's me. Looking super lazy , as I am. 

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21 November 2012

Winter is blowing whistles

Dear bloggers,
                   I am too happy today , I got my marks of Computer Science. 71.5/75 :D Did some mistakes but I am glad that my exam went well :)

It's officially winter here , I am having my blanket with a cup of hot milk mixed with Ovaltine. I am actually enjoying winter :D But it's hard to smile about winter in morning -_-
Winter's blowing whistles outside the window of my room. Haha I always feel fear at night.


I am too happy that winter always bring me closer to creams, lotion and lip balms :D
I am now fully occupied to fight with winter with my mum's gifted lotions and creams :D 

This Pond's Dry Skin cream is best for winter. I use it in morning and I don't need to apply it again in school. Simply so great for winter. It's first time I used Pond's as cream , I used Pond's face wash first :) 

Okay , everyone use Vaseline. In every season and for many purpose :D I think I don't need to give a review about Vaseline . But I have to :D
I am using it before sleeping , applied on my feet. They are badly hurt by winter :/
So soft , so so so!!!!!!!!!

This time is best to share this picture haha ^_^

Happy Winter :D
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Aree :)

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20 November 2012

Leibster Award

Ladies and Gentlemen,
                                   I have been nominated for Leibster Award twice. By Noori & Sherrie .

The rules of the awards are :

-List 11 random facts about yourself.
-Answer your nominator’s 11 questions.
-Choose up to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
-Create eleven questions to ask them
-Inform your nominees of their award nominations.

My random facts :

-I hate to brush or comb my hair.
-I waste shampoo while bathing.
-I feel fear from thunder storms.
-I make a lot of noise for no reason.
-I am bathroom singer.
-I do nail bites.
-I am a victim of skin allergy since last year.
-I offence people.
-I tease my family so much.
-I love arts and paintings.
-I never accept my mistakes.

The questions I was asked:

First from Sherrie

1. What is your worst habit?
 -Nail biting
2. Are you a mummy or daddy's girl/boy?
-Daddy's girl
3. Which year has been the best for you so far? and why?
-Year 2011 was the best , I met my new school friends and did many adventures .
4. What is your biggest fear?
5. What are you excited for this year?
-I was too exited for Eid. It passed 2 months ago :)
6. What is your favourite television programme?
-It's a Turkish TV play named Asi.
7. Who is your favourite singer/band at the moment?
-Marron 5 & One Direction.
8. How many times have you been on holiday?
-Only three times :(
9. Do you like the Twilight Saga?
-Yes I do.
10. How many siblings do you have?
-4 along with a twin
11. What is your best friends name?

Now from Noori :

What do you prefer ? Tumblr or Twitter?
What's your favourite fragrance?
If you want to dwell in any city of the world, which city that could be?
Who's your favourite singer/band?
-Maroon 5 & One Direction
Any celeb role model?
-Katy Perry
High heels or sneakers?
If you get a chance to be starred in a movie , who would be your co-star?
-Taylor Lautner of course!
What's your biggest passion?
-To become an artist
What's your biggest fear?
Your favourite brand ?
Most important person of your life?
 -Babajani ( Dad )

My Nominations :

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19 November 2012

I am not lazy , it's natural

 I am a teenager , it's something inner feeling that I hate Mondays!

-If you are a teenager or passed this age ,you know you become lazy for no reason. Hating Mondays and waiting for Friday. Do nothing productive but still living like a boss :D

Mondays are jinxed blah blah , they are not so cool. But today, my thinking is changed! I won a giveaway  by Oh So Lovely Vintage today , on a Monday! Haha :D

I really don't like children from the age of 4-9 , they are simply annoying. I even have got  a younger sister of 9 , obsessed with Dora The Explorer >.<

But my Aunt Mano's son Ayub is the most loved cousin by me. I never loved any child like him. He is too devilish-type and just get my attention in minutes. He is 3 years now and starting school in April. May his year starts too well :D

I hope you didn't get any worse Monday :D

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