30 June 2016

Ramadan: how/why

Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims. Many people who don't normally pray would pray in Ramadan, we'd avoid lying, pray even more, talk nicely, share our food, most of us become the humblest and the finest version of ourselves during this month. This is why I love the month of Ramadan, it makes me feel pure and more connected to Islam. And then there's food and random people coming as guests and bringing us gifts. GOD I REALLY LOVE IT.

Sometimes on internet, people ask me questions about Islam and especially about Ramadan when it's around. The most asked question is: HOW??? DON'T YOU GET HUNGRY?

But the thing is, it doesn't matter. Us Muslims who fast, we do it for our Creator, Allah. Ramadan is our chance to be clean again, to be pure again and we try to redeem the most of it. I don't think hunger or thirst matter when the reward is bigger than food and water. 

Second question.

Well, nope.

BUT when the fast ends and we can eat again at the end of the day, we really treat ourselves well. From samosas, pakoray and the chilled drinks, the food is glorious. I've been obsessed with samosay and rooh-afza (one the most famous sherbets in Pakistan) since I was a kid. 

Here's a chart.
And most importantly, we share our food with people who don't have enough. Because this is what Ramadan teaches, to share and care for people who aren't privileged enough and feel what they might go through everyday.

And I'm fortunate enough to be a part of Telenor Pakistan's campaign #TweetAMeal. The main idea is to tweet our meal pictures and in return, Telenor Pakistan will donate an actual meal to someone in need. WHAT WOULD BE BETTER THAN TO SHARE MY FOOD WITH SOMEONE THROUGH JUST ONE CLICK? So I was all in.

I've been tweeting my own sehri and iftaari pictures and I want to invite you all to do the same. You might be able to help someone in need by tweeting one single picture. You don't have to go out, you don't have to make an effort but to tweet something you are eating and it's going to feed someone. It's Ramadan, babies! Share some goodness.

Let's be good.

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26 June 2016

fake it till you make it

Last week I gave someone on twitter the best advice ever & then I realized GODDAMN IT, WASN'T IT THE SECRET OF MY LIFE? and then I told myself: not anymore, Areeba.

I told him the magical words, fake it till you make it. It's a small sentence until you ~feel~ what it's actually trying to say. It's trying to tell you "FOOL YOURSELF & GO THROUGH THIS SHIT SWIFTLY you're gonna be almost safe."

And this is the sentence that changed the way I lived.
Let's keep the negative connotations aside, it's not asking you to "fake" a personality you do not have or try to be a person you're not supposed to be just to make it. It's directly related to confidence, and in my case, art too.

What it means, at least to me, is that it's an open invitation to fool your anxiety and fears, risk everything you have build emotionally and just jump in something that might wreck you. Like DON'T TALK TO THAT PERSON YOU'LL MESS THIS UP to the first hi with a wicked grin. To DO NOT SEND THIS EMAIL PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS EMAIL to email sent. Fool yourself, babies, until you make it. Faking to be a braver version of yourself usually turns out to be in your favor. But it's not magical, you see, there are always chances of falling. I fell, too many times and I even once swear I won't try this ~fake it till you make it thing because it sucks~ but I did again and again and it made me the person I am today. It was worth it.
And when it comes to art, ask yourself how you can fake it? IS IT POSSIBLE? IS IT RIGHT? Well, yep.

Like confidence, you can totally fool yourself and trick yourself into thinking you too can make art. And be art. And create a life you wanted to live, sometimes on paper, sometimes in your head and finally in reality. It's not hard, fool yourself and start something artsy. Be a "fake artist" who just makes a mess until you don't make a mess anymore and you don't have you tag yourself a fake artist anymore. It's that easy, babies!

Let's fake it till we make it!
PS: If you haven't watched my latest vlog on channel, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Check it out (It's about my art journal) 

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18 June 2016

not your type

Blog name histories are my favorite kind of posts. Yesterday I was reading Meg's blog rebranding story and I was like WHY I HAVEN'T DONE MINE YET? and it meant a blog story time.

I rebranded my blog from I Have A Messy Bun to Not Your Type on 16th August 2015, which also marks my 18th birthday. My birthday week started as one of the worst weeks of 2015/my life and I was disappointed + scared + excited because I knew I was just given the charge of my own life. Being 18, what I was actually supposed to do was to be carefree and reading YA novels in my free time but nature decided I was not going to do that. Instead I had to find a way to build my life and this is exactly what I did. And then I thought I need to change my blog's name because it's my second life online and it has to be affected as well.

Not your type is basically a way of saying yep guys I'm done with you all, I am not like how you all are and it's not a problem anymore. It means I'm not going to take anyone's shit and trying to be something I am not. It means I'm unbothered by being the misfit, the weird one, the one who always feels like an outsider. It means I'm okay with my differences and I'll always be. I don't need to be someone's type. I don't mind being me, neither offline nor online. 

My friends told me this new name sounds cold & rude, at least to them & might give the same effect to others but MY GOD KNOWS THIS NAME IS FOR ME NOT FOR OTHERS. So I bought a new domain, changed my facebook page's name and there I was, being not your type

My blog name, you see, is fierce. And I feel like having a connection with it & my baby blog. I'm just too glad to name it something I can proudly talk about. So, this is the little history behind this blog of mine. You all are always welcome here even if I'm not your type or you are not my type. We can always be a paradox together.

And here's a little photo diary to celebrate this blog.

What's the story behind YOUR blog name?


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15 June 2016

you look like art

 The words, you see, are the most powerful thing in the entire world. They're going to make you or break you, that's why writers can sometimes scare the shit out of me and I haven't been comfortable calling myself a writer because it takes a lot of strength. Words can change you. And I'll always be grateful to Rainbow Rowell for Eleanor & Park and I can't ever forget the time Park said in the book:
"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."

GODDAMMIT I DON'T EVEN READ YA FICTION ANYMORE but these words are stuck in my head. And the only pep talk I ever need to give myself whenever I'm having doubts about my physical appearance is you look like art. This is all I need, this is all I will ever need. And I'll never not tell myself to be art everyday. I mean, I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT, BABIES!

My alter ego wears her heart-shaped sunglasses all the time. This is what I painted on my t-shirt. And the t-shirt was too small to be paired with jeans or any other pants so I had to wear it with a gharara which is such a glorious piece of clothing and I've always been obsessed with them. This is where culture meets whatever I want to wear. Ta-da!

Here's your new favorite mipster!

Do you have a personal favorite pep talk?


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9 June 2016

oh my kawaii stuff + GIVEAWAY

Kawaii box guys sent a box full of Japanese goodies and I died of happiness because I've never had a subscription box before + all the items were so just too cute. I have so much pink stuff now. I feel so colorful and cute.

The box they sent me included stationery (yAY yAY yayyy) and socks and candy. And I've filmed an unboxing video so you can see me unboxing this cute glorious thing and being so happy and excited. Also, MY EXAMS JUST ENDED AND I AM HERE TO BE ART + MAKE ART AND WRITE MY HEART OUT.

I just hit 200 subscribers on my channel and it's one of the happiest moment of my life. God, 200 people are ready to watch me talk about things I usually have no idea about and bragging, I LOVE MY LIFE.

And Kawaii Box team is generous enough to offer one of my readers a box, enter the giveaway below so you can be the lucky kid to win a box full of cuteness. It's open internationally so anyone can enter!


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