01 September 2015

Art will keep you alive

I'm on a rollercoaster of changes in life right now and everything is so wild and unpredictable but I can't complain but enjoy it. Things are scary, changes are scary but I'm just moving up and down like I'm actually at a ride in an amusement park. A kid with no candy. A kid with no big degree. A kid in The Empty Wallet Club.  A kid still crying over fictional deaths. I'm proud of what I have become.

I make art, I draw things, I sew things. When I'm upset, I draw stuff that has secret meanings to me, mostly some lyrics or a bad day molded into a picture. My way of living is to make things, the art of making keeps me alive. My word of 2015 is Create and so far, this word has got me into troubles, kept me awake at nights but kept me going like a queen. When you know you can do something/anything which is important to you, EVERYTHING CHANGES MY LOVE. 

Well, I drew some rad things.
When I'm upset, I keep telling myself: I hope the people who did you wrong have trouble sleeping at night.
-You Were Cool , The Mountain Goats

I have a cool backpack. It looks like somebody's tumblr blog. Yes that's a Lorde lyric on right because Lorde matters.
I love this bag so much that I drew it. Miss 1997 winner, my amma told me I was the most beautiful kid at the hospital so I keep the prove with me.
A tribute to Gone Girl
Thank you Amy for being an amazing psychotic person, you'll always be my fave.

"I am overachieving at aimlessness, I am a type-A, alpha-girl lollygagger, the leader of a gang of heartbroken kids, running wild across this lonely strip of amusements, each of us smarting from the betrayals of a loved one."
-Gone Girl

Meet my book club people. 

Yeah that's Noor with me and there's Jadirah, we're cool & attractive people. No face is my art aesthetic. 

My sad songs playlist
Shehr e Yaran OST - ARY TV
Forget Forvever - Selena Gomez
Jo Chaly Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gae - Geo TV
My Heart Beats For Love - VVVV Old Miley Cyrus
Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes

A letter to my inner self 
Yes girl calm down sit down let me breath.

Well I just realized that I'm publishing my illustrations for the first time on my blog so plz tell me how they are. If you say you like it, I will draw you something too. 

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28 August 2015


Hi people, look at me. Yours truly is transforming into things she had no idea she could one day but it's 2015 and the youth of my generation likes surprises about themselves. So, I'm a mipster. A Muslim Hipster. I had been searching a style to stick for the rest of my life and I guess that is it.

Past few weeks had been a rollercoaster for me. Before turning 18 and being the part of a society where I know I'm going to be pushed back if I'm confused just for a second about anything in life, I had to seek a path and build myself before I'm an adult, a practical adult. Internet caused me some identity crises nd believe me, being lost about yourself isn't a good thing. When you're something other than your own reality, you're actually nothing. You're what your roots are and when I dug to my roots, it lead to one word and that was it, I knew who I'm supposed to be. The word was Allah hu Akbar, the first thing that I heard the moment I was born, was my actual identity. 
 So here I am, the trash youth queen as a mipster. I'm a work in progress, step by step, little details, hijab and all following all Muslimah fashionistas on pinterest, I'm turning into something I think is a vvvvv beautiful idea to live my life.

This is my new favorite dress. Rosegal guys sent me this so that I could blog about it (thnx) and a necklace and these knuckle rings. Rosegal is a fashion clothing website that has vvv affordable and beautiful items and they ship worldwide for absolutely free. I highly suggest y'all to check them out.

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25 August 2015

Young, Broke,Talented & Different

August brought me so many important things, cake of my 18th birthday, a new way of how should I live my life and a new blog idea. I turned 18 on 16th August. My aunt baked a cake, I used my fairy lights well, invited all the heartbroken kids and without a birthday song, me and my twin celebrated our 18 years in this world. Noor is going to gift me some kind of trip pass, I'm just going to thank her and tell her I feel lucky because I'm finely broke to repay with a good gift. When people turn 18, everyone tells them that they have grown up. This isn't much of a wrong statement, I do feel grown up. Look around the blog, everything has changed. From the name to look to the blogger behind this blog, everything has changed. 

Quoting gone girl here, I'm the leader of a gang of broken heart kids
 I collect broken things and people and turn them beautiful. This is what I've decided to do, this is how I'm going to live my life. This is what makes me want to go to an art school and decide what I'm finally going to do with my life. 

I sat around the table with balloons and kids that I'd have never thought would be there celebrating my existence. Nobody sang. I clapped for myself and cut the cake into many pieces. The lights and the cake made me feel important. Turning 18 was funny. So now people would look at me and tell me to do big things and be responsible for all the mistakes my ancestors left for me. Generation of generations making the same mistake and passing it to the new one to pass it to the newest generation and the cycle is infinite. I'm not going to carry all the ghosts of past with me, I think being a little rebelicious is good.

 I rebranded my blog why? Because there had to be a change. I'm not the girl with messy bun anymore. I'm creating a life and learning to accept how my differences make me better. Not Your Type blog shares same birthday as mine. I'm here to document not just what my life is but also all of the questions I've never been able to answer about my culture and religion even to myself. I'm here to talk about things I know nothing about.. How it is like to be different and live with it without being afraid of differences. We all share the same sky and we have the equal right to dream. I'm a self claimed witch of Karachi and the magic is yet to come. The only thing is to believe.

 I recently found out that one of my vvv favorite online friend lives near my house. I've always thought she was creative and she looked like those finest citizen of the city who talk politely and make fancy rules. Well, I'm glad I wasn't right. Talking to her made me realize she is not the fancy citizen, she's one heartbroken & talented kid. We're the trash youth of the city, the city of light have to love us back. We're young, broke, talented and different. 
Now we're in the ring and we're coming for blood.  I don't know why I'm putting Lord lyrics here but just quick head ups that Lorde lyrics are important.

Look around the blog, all of the pages are updated. I hope you all are going to stick with me.

28 July 2015


Welcome to Useless Updates, it's the time of the week when I put unnecessary (or sometimes really important) updates from life + doings + everything I can think of on internet because that's how I live.

-I missed last week's useless updates post oops. This week I came up with a name that looks scientific. It's ux2 that means 2 U(s) that makes Useless Updates and tell me this sounds smart.

I found this vvvvv good compilation of Urdu afsany. Afsany are short Urdu stories. I love it because all the characters talk in the same way as old people from my family talk. Finest Urdu, the beauty of language remains alive. The words, phrases, tone, everything sounds familiar and it gives me a boost of confidence in writing for an Urdu digest (Khawateen digest here I come) I've been working on everything that connects me back to my language because no matter how many languages I learn and work on, there's this comfort in Urdu that takes me back to my roots and somehow to my VVV REAL SELF.

If you live in Karachi and want cheap but great books, just go find book stalls of Bait-Ul-Mukarram and thank me later. They've got all these awesome books for less than you can imagine and it's a very good thing preaching about good book buying places.

VIP (Very important pose) with books.

And I hope all the Teen Wolf fangirls are uncomfortable because of the recent episode (GODDAMN JEFF DEVIS) I'm having so many feelings about Teen Wolf. 
Here's an ode to Scott & Alison fetus love.

Actually the trouble is not having Derek around. One of my MOST FAVORITE Hale and fictional character on fictional planet in my mind. I'll never forgive Teen Wolf team for letting him go and before letting him go, RUINING his character and making all of us feel bad for him. He's DEREK, a Hale, he doesn't let people feel bad about himself but he fights, fights, fights and save silly young werewolves. That's what he always do. If you haven't got Derek Hale in your room/class/school/somewhere in parking lot telling you that you're a vvvv silly werewolf now, you're NOT official silly werewolf yet. 
So this upsets me every time all the guys fight and the exciting typical teen wolf music plays in background, my stomach hurts because WHO IS GOING TO SAVE SCOTT WHO IS GOING TO TELL HIM WHAT NOT TO DO WHERE IS OUR DEREK? 

Really, too many feels.

Talking of feels, TROYE SIVAN IS RELEASING NEW MUSIC HOLY SHIT I AM GOING WILD and well, the album is called Wild. 
Just look at this face.

Do you have some useless updates to put on your blog? Let's join me. There are just a few rules to follow.
-Make a Useless Updates post. All other irrelevant posts will be deleted.
-Follow your host aka me.
-Grab the button or link back in your post.
-Psst, have fun.

Useless Updates

25 July 2015

The witch of Karachi sheltered in the wilds of Thatta

Karachi and Thatta, two very different cities I have to deal with in very different ways. Karachi is everything I want to love and Thatta is everything I don't like to touch. These cities, despite of every difference between them, are a part of me - Karachi by my pure will and Thatta has always been an accident. But the days like today & yesterday, I've wanted to see the old plains and plants of Thatta, they are same as always, so green and familiar like they were years ago. 

Very good weather and colorful make up and witchy face - all brought together in one single post because it felt like I should be preaching about nature and stars and dark nights and power more. The thing about this little green place is that it never asks me to be myself, I can be anyone/anything and bury myself in the grass and write stuff in my journal. That's why I don't like the behavior of Thatta, it's like an old man stuck in new crazy century. It accepts me as I am and doesn't excites me which is not a good thing, not anymore. It doesn't want me to go on a race and win it. Small town with vvvvv small minds. We don't get along well very often. 

The girl in the mirror isn't me, it can never be me. The night under her eyes and the stars around them are everything she has. She's the witch that lost and ran away. She's just a reflection trapped inside the mirror with nature that keeps holding of whatever is left of her. She's an image of what I would become if I didn't fight back the patriarchy. I don't want to be sheltered, I want to win.

 I used this tiny and shiny (they rhyme so give me my bonus points) eyeshadows palette was the base of this look. It's from Born Pretty Store and can be found here. It's glittery and is in solid shades. It's quite small so it fits people like me who can't handle 48 eyeshadow colors at once. My favorite is white one. And plus points that it's waterproof so I can cry and the glitter will remain shining on my eyes. Use my code ARE10K31 for 10% off on your order on their website. Ta da!

Stay fabulous!!