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Easy to Follow Senior Nutrition Tips

Easy to Follow Senior Nutrition Tips

  1. Eat all types of foods


Consuming different foods can make sure that you get all the nutrients which you require. Experts suggest that your daily meals must contain plenty of fruits, veggies and lean protein along with low-fat dairy items and whole grains.

  1. Planning is also essential

Planning can make you less likely to discontinue following a healthy diet routine. Try to prepare dinners that’ll last you for 5-7 days & keep them frozen till you require them.

  1. Reduce your salt intake

With age, your ability to taste deteriorates. Thus, you might feel the need to add some flavor to your dishes by adding more salt. However, according to FDA, in-taking an unnecessary amount of salt might result in increased blood pressure in senior citizens that could increase the odds of stroke, kidney issues & heart disease. Be sure to limit your salt intake to sure less than 2,300 mg per day.

  1. Herbs & Spices

As a replacement to salt, fresh spices & herbs such as basil, rosemary, Cayenne pepper, turmeric, sage can prove a lot healthier & also add their unique flavor.

  1. Carefully go through the nutrition labels

While shopping for your favorite canned and packaged foods, go through the nutrition label carefully prior to making your purchase. Even in case you see it being promoted as a nutritious choice, it might contain added sodium, sugar, fat which you won’t be able to locate unless you check the label precisely.

  1. Minimize the consumption of sugar

Sugar that is refined contains empty calories which hardly offer any nutritional value. Continually minimize your sugary intake & begin eating foods which contain natural sugar like sweet peppers, yams & fruits.

  1. Add healthy unsaturated fats in your diet

It’s not wise to cut all kinds of fats from the daily diet. Rather, you want to get rid of saturated & trans-fats. Healthier alternatives such as polyunsaturated & monounsaturated fats could shield your body against illnesses & also encourage mental happiness. Avocado, fish containing plenty of omega-3 fats, nuts can be excellent options.

  1. Multi-vitamin supplements

Although adding vegetables and fruits can be an ideal way to get all the required by your body, at times, it might not be adequate. In this scenario, communicating with your physician about multivitamin supplements can make sure your overall well-being stays intact.

About Medigap Coverage:

Seniors who’re 65 & over automatically become eligible for Medicare Coverage. However, with blue cross blue shield Medicare advantage Plans, you are also able to cover out of pocket expenditures which Original Medicare Policy doesn’t cover. Thus, we highly suggest you check them out and pick the one which best suits your needs.

Can I change from Medicare Advantage to supplemental Medicare? Pt 1

Can I change from 2019 Medicare Advantage to supplemental Medicare? Pt 1

If you want to change your options is Medicare policy, such as changing from a Medicare Advantage policy to a Medicare plan, there are times when you can do so. Changing Medicare plan options depends on the type of Medicare insurance and the type you want.  Before moving to a Medicare supplement plan from a Medicare Advantage policy, or even changing your Medicare supplement policy, let us start with a brief description of the differences between these types of plans.

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare supplemental insurance

In summary, Medicare Advantage provides a way to get your Medicare Part A and B benefits through a private insurance company recognized by Medicare. Some plans offer additional benefits, such as: For example, routine eye care. Medicare supplement plans are designed to work with your Original Medicare Benefits (Part A and B). Medicare supplemental plans do not provide these benefits, but they can help pay for Part A and B from abroad.

You cannot use Medicare Supplement plans to pay your costs (such as copayments) in Medicare Advantage plans. If you are already registered with Medicare Advantage, it is illegal for someone to sell you a Medicare supplement plan (except you return to Original Medicare, Part A and B). The opposite is not true. If you enrolled for a Medicare supplement plan and are choosing to switch to Medicare Advantage policy, you can maintain your Medicare supplemental plan if you wish, even if you cannot afford Medicare Advantage.

When can I change the Medicare Advantage Medicare plan options to the Medicare supplement?

To buy a Medicare supplement plan, you must first withdraw your Medicare Advantage plan and return it to Medicare Part B (Health Insurance) and Part A (hospital insurance), which are administered under the state’s Medicare program. However, what you need to know about switching to Medicare Supplement from Medicare Advantage include the following:

You can only stop your Medicare Advantage plan at certain times of the year. In many cases, it is during the Medicare Advantage Deactivation period (January 1 to February 14) or during the annual Medicare Advantage period and prescription drugs i.e. October 15 – December 7. Some exceptions include when you move to your home from an institutional setting such as a nursing home or from an institution to your residence. Other exceptions are listed below.

Once you return to Original Medicare, you can always request a Medicare supplement plan. However, the adoption of a plan is not always guaranteed. For instance, if you have health condition, the insurance company can make your decision in a process known as a medical subscription based on your medical underwriting. The company may choose not to sell you a plan or charge you more because of your health status.

When can I change to the Medicare Supplement with guaranteed exhibition rights?

In some cases, you can change to a Medicare supplemental plan from a Medicare Advantage plan with guaranteed issue permits, which means that the insurance company must accept you as a member and can’t charge you any additional costs due to your health status.

Common Eating Disorders Among Elderly

Common eating disorders among senior citizens include bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and anorexia nervosa, along with a few other ones that are less common. Each of these has considerable mental & physical health impacts. One thing which is most common among all these is that the affected individual has extreme feelings & behaviors which center on food & weight.  A survey conducted in the year 2012 revealed that around thirteen percent of women above the age of 50 experience symptoms associated with some kind of eating disorder. The survey relied on the data received from the previous 5 years. Among the participants, seventy percent of women wanted to achieve weight loss with 63% feeling their present body shape or weight had a negative impact on their day to day life.

Most times, eating disorders escalate during the tense period of one’s life. Other possible triggers may comprise natural changes associated with aging, menopause, having to compete with the younger population, etc. To counter this, people tend to have more control over their lives & try to gain that via bodily control. Sometimes, the subsequent reactions & the feelings associated with them take the form of an eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Treatment via Medicare

Medicare normally covers treatment options which can be done while you get admitted as an in-patient. Typically, this will be done inside a hospital. The treatment may be provided for a brief period & can be followed by residential care.  In case you require residential care, then you must call your Medicare provider & request them to assign you a case manager. The manager can work alongside you for gaining single case agreement & communicate with the authorities for getting the approval.

While seeking your coverage, it’s crucial that you know the diagnosis of your eating disorder, psychiatric issues if any, physiological problems that might have resulted due to your eating disorder, type of care required & expect treatment duration.  Using, 2019 Medicare advantage Plans, you can also cover additional expenses like deductibles, co-insurances, and co-payments which do not feature in your Original Medicare plan.

Cyberattacks & How Seniors Can Protect Them?

While the below tips are effective for people from all age groups, they’re especially beneficial for seniors with limited technological abilities.

  1. Never open any email that offers free stuff in its subject-line

Seniors need to especially pay close attention to emails which seem to offer free prize rewards, free vacation or cash, free stuff, etc. Scammers realize that it is a human nature to be attracted to such things. Hence, it is typical for them to use such gimmicks for getting individuals to click on their links which might take clickers to websites that are intended to gather personal info or unleash a virus into their system.

It is recommended that you instantly delete such email whenever they reach your inbox.

  1. void opening any emails which include links to any financial institutes

Phishing is very common on the internet. The emails you get might seem so real that it would be very difficult for you to differentiate them from the real ones that you receive from your bank. Some might include a warning which states you must change the current password. Once you click on any of these links, you might be redirected to a website which mirrors the official site of your bank or another financial firm.

Cybercriminals are also known to send email to people posing as organizations or firms like Medicare. Here, they’ll try to get your SSN so that they’re able to apply for loans on your behalf or open your credit cards. Hence, we suggest that you visit the official site of the financial institution directly rather than clicking the link contained in any random email.

  1. Be cautious while interacting with a stranger on social media

Another tactic which cyber attackers often use is making connections with folks online via social networks. While doing so, they try to gain your trust. They may tell you a fake story in order to make you send them cash.

4: Know how to safely browse the web

Ensure that you have the latest version of anti-virus software running on their PC. Also, make sure strong passwords are set on sites which contain your personal info.

About 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans:

Have you heard of Medigap coverage? They’re must-have if you would like a supplemental policy which can pay Medicare out of pocket expenses on your behalf. If interested, be sure to communicate with a trustworthy provider who can guide you the right way.

Common Types of Depression Among Seniors

More often than not, people tend to associate depression with sadness. However, in case of senior citizens or elderly people, the condition might manifest itself in a number of ways. You might experience tiredness, sleeplessness, achy or grumpy. Some seniors might even experience prolong digestive problems which don’t show any improvement even after treatment.  In case you’re suffering from any issues that don’t seem to be normal for you, consult with your physician. They can examine you & guide you in the right direction. Also, you need to understand that depression isn’t a normal factor when it comes to the process of aging.

Estimates indicate that almost 2 million seniors who’re 65 and above suffer from some kind of depression. It may affect people of all age groups. But, most times, it has been found to accompany chronic health issues or tragic events like the death of a partner loved one or even a change in the current status of a person’s job.

Common Depression Types Among Seniors:

  1. Major Depression

Major Depression is when people have trouble falling asleep, suffer mood swings, and feel like nobody cares for them.

  1. Persistent Depressive Syndrome

As suggested by its name, this type of depression could last much longer than other forms of depression. However, the symptoms can be not as intense as the one found in major depression. Folks with Persistent Depressive Syndrome

can get through their daily activities however they might feel low during a major part of their day.

  1. SAD (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder)

SAD can be most common during winter when days become darker and shorter. Common symptoms of this disorder include excessive sleep, feeling low, social detachment, carb cravings, & overeating.

  1. Bipolar Syndrome

People suffering from bipolar disorder may experience depression periods that are immediately followed by high energy periods called as mania. The signs & symptoms of this disorder could be totally opposite as compared to depression.

Will My Medicare Cover Depression Screenings?

People who already have Medicare can receive coverage for depression screening on a yearly basis through Part B Medicare. If you would like to cover additional costs which aren’t covered by Original Medicare, we highly suggest you consider 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans.

Beginner´s Guide: Choosing the Right Medicare Supplement Plan

Choosing a supplement plan can be a stressful situation. There are different types of plans to choose from, all covering the same and yet different expenses. Questions rise up such as: is it really saving me money in the long run? Will it make a difference? There are pros and cons to getting a Medicare supplement plan and whether it is a good choice for you or not, will really end up depending on your own, individual situation.

Medicare supplement plans cover for expenses that Medicare original part A or B won´t. If you end up having to go the hospital, there will be expenses that you will need to pay for out of your own pocket. In general, Medicare supplement plans are a good option, if you see yourself visiting the doctor soon or having any health issues. For healthy Medicare part A or B members, a supplement plan can be very attractive as it gives you a peace of mind. There are many people who aren´t able to pay an expensive bill at once. Having to go the hospital is something one cannot really prevent, as you can never know how your health state might change and accidents happen, unfortunately. In these cases, if you are on a Medicare supplement plan, you can rest and know that you have already been paying for what is coming up, monthly. Being sick and having to pay for health care, which you cannot afford, is a situation no person really wants to be in.

How to choose the right plan-Find out at

The most important thing is to look at what the plans all cover and see which of these points you have been paying out of your pocket for the most. If, for example, you find yourself travelling a lot, then a Medicare supplement plan A or B won´t make much sense to you. You will need to be insured outside of the U.S. too, so you would choose a plan that offers coverage for travel emergency expenses.

Apart from comparing what each of the plans cover, it is also important to think about a plan as soon as possible. In fact, right after you´ve enrolled to Medicare and up to seven months after enrollment, Medicare needs to offer you a supplement plan, should you want one, without looking at your health records. The premium rates during this enrollment period are most likely going to be the lower they will ever get for you. If you miss the seven-month period and choose a plan after, the health insurance company has the right to deny you the enrollment all together, or they will offer the plans to you at an extremely high price, due to perhaps an existing condition. These plans, that are bought after the enrollment period, can be affected by your age as well. The older you are when you enroll, the more you might have to pay, as the elderly are believed to require more health care than others.

Tips for Purchasing Medicare Supplement Plan


Any customer with Medicare Part A and Part B can purchase a Medicare Supplement plan also commonly known as the Medigap plan. The Medigap plan should be purchased by customers as it saves them lot of out-of-pocket expenses. There are many insurance companies selling these plans and the customers should assess them in detail before purchasing. Some of the important tips for purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan are as follows:


Purchase During Open Enrolment Period

The best time to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan is during the Open Enrolment Period (OEP). The OEP commences on the first day of the month when the customer turns 65 years of age or older and is enrolled in the Medicare Part B. When the customer applies for purchasing the Medigap policy during the OEP, the insurance company cannot reject the proposal as long as the customer is paying the insurance premium even if they have any health issues. During OEP the Medigap plan is a guaranteed issue policy. If the customer wishes to purchase the Medigap after the OEP, his health status and medical history is evaluated by the insurance company and they can reject to issue the policy on the same grounds.

Get a 2019 supplement plan with AARP at

Compare the Premium

The Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies. These companies determine the premiums based on different pricing mechanisms. The customers should get multiple quotes from insurance companies for Medigap plan and select the insurance companies offering the lowest premium for the plan as the benefits are standardized. Some companies will also offer discounts if the premium is paid annually.


Select Need-Based Plan

While the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, each plan labeled from A to N has distinct features. The customers should assess their requirements and should purchase the plan which meets their needs. Customers who travel abroad frequently may prefer plans C, D, F, G, M, and N which cover 80% of expenses related to emergency care in foreign countries. Similarly, customers needing comprehensive coverage may opt for Plan F which provides the most extensive coverage and is the most popular among customers.


Customer Service

As the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, it becomes important to assess the customer service of the insurance company form which the policy has to be purchased. The customers can look for the available hours when they can reach out to the customer service representatives for resolving any queries or issues. Some insurance companies can also provide the services of local agents who can service the customers in person.

Tips for Comparing Medicare Supplement Plan


Medicare Supplement plans are standardized policies which are helpful to the customers in meeting the unmet expenses of the Original Medicare. Though these plans offer standardized features and benefits to the customers, there may be subtle differences in them being offered by different insurance companies. It is recommended to compare the Medicare Supplement plans before making the final purchase. Some of the aspects which need to be compared across plans and insurance service providers are as follows:


Network of Doctors and Hospitals

The Medicare Supplement plans allow the customers the freedom to choose their own doctors and hospitals. They can choose any hospital or doctors who accept the Medicare Supplement plans. In case of SELECT plans, the customers should carefully examine the access to doctors and hospitals under the specific plans. They can select the SELECT plans offering the most intensive network of healthcare service providers.


Standardized Benefits

The Medicare Supplement plans provide standardized features and benefits to the customers across the 47 states. Standardized benefits also ensure that the plans are portable and the customers are entitled to the same benefits irrespective of the location where they choose to avail the health care services. The customers should verify with their insurance companies if the plans will provide them access to the standardized features across the 47 states. The three states- Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota provide slightly different standardized benefits.


Medicare Part B Excess Charges

In some cases, the doctors may charge more than the Medicare-approved amount. It is referred to as the excess charge over Medicare Part B. The customers should inquire from the insurance provider whether the Medicare Supplement plan will be meeting the excess charges over Part B. They should prefer the Medigap plan which meets the excess charges.


Foreign Travel

While the customers are generally not provided Medicare Supplement plan benefits with some plans when traveling abroad, some insurance plans may provide limited coverage for emergency care when the customers are traveling abroad. Since the other features of the Medigap plan are standardized, the customers can prefer the service providers which offer benefits during foreign travel.


Insurance Premium

Though the benefits and services offered under the Medigap policy are standardized, the premiums can be priced differently by various insurance companies. The insurance companies determine their own premium as they follow different pricing methodologies. The customers should inquire the premiums of the different Medicare Supplement plans from multiple companies and understand their pricing mechanisms before purchasing the policy.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan


Medicare Advantage plan provides the customers with the option of advantageing their Original Medicare. The policy meets the expenses which are not covered by the Original Medicare and saves the customers from incurring out-of-pocket expenses. It is important to note that the Medigap policy is not a standalone policy and is not an alternative to the Original Medicare, it only augments the former. Medigap policy is offered by private insurance companies and provide immense value to the customers. Some of the salient benefits of the Medicare Advantage plan are as follows: Get a 2019 advantage plan at


Prevents Out-of-Pocket Expenses

The Medicare Advantage plans are popular as they save the out-of-pocket expenses for senior citizens. These plans cover the expenses which are not met by the Original Medicare.  Since the Original Medicare does not cover all the expenses like coinsurance, copayments, annual deductibles etc. the citizens can still end up paying a considerable out-of-pocket expense which can hurt them and wipe away their savings. With a Medicare Advantage plan, the out-of-pocket expenses are taken care of.


Ease of Comparison and Standard Features

The Medicare Advantage plans are standardized insurance policies offering features which are easy to compare. The customers can compare the different plans and assess the ideal plan for them. These plans provide standard features and benefits which do not change based on location. Each of the plans from A-N offer different benefits and degree of coverage and is available across all the states except Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota which standardize the plans differently.


Flexibility in Choosing the Health Service Providers

A Medicare Advantage plan offers the customers flexibility in terms of choosing their doctors and hospitals for treatment. The customers are not tied down to choose specific doctors and hospitals for availing the plan benefits. This is beneficial to the customers as they can choose the health service providers, they are comfortable with. In case when the customers purchase a SELECT plan, they need to choose the health service provider which are in the network of the insurance provider.


Standard Benefits Irrespective of Location

One of the most beneficial features of a Medigap plan is that the customers get the same benefits even outside their home state. When the customers are traveling in other states, the Medigap plan pays the same proportion of the expenses when they receive health care in other states.


Renewal Guarantee

The Medicare Advantage plan are guaranteed renewable. They are renewed as long as the customers pay the premium even when they have any health issues.

Considerations for Enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plan


Buying the best Medicare Supplement Plan is always a good idea. It fills the gaps in the Original Medicare by covering the expenses not met by the former. It can save the senior citizens from incurring out-of-pocket expenses. Buying an ideal Medigap plan entails a thorough research on the part of the customers which will help them in buying the best plan for themselves. The major considerations for enrolling in  Medicare Supplement plan are as follows:


Checking the Eligibility

Any citizen is eligible for Medicare Supplement plan only if they are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Any citizen is generally not eligible for Medigap plan if they are below 65 years of age. The best time to purchase the Medigap policy is during the Open Enrolment Period which is six months from the first day of the month when the citizen turns 65 or older and is enrolled in Medicare Plan B. The citizens can purchase any Medigap plan during the Open Enrolment Period and they cannot be rejected based on their medical history. Once the Open Enrolment Period is over, the insurance companies can turn down issuing the Medigap plan to customers based on their health status and medical history.


Assessing the Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Medigap plans come in 10 standardized versions labeled from A-N. Each plan has different coverage and benefits. All the plans are not available in every location as Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota have different standardized plans. Plan A is the most basic Medicare Supplement plan and the Plan F is the most comprehensive. The citizens should assess their requirements and arrive at the ideal plan to purchase.


Considering the Pricing

Different Medigap plans can be priced differently depending on the nature of coverage. Sometimes the same plan can be priced differently by various insurance providers based on their methodology of pricing. They can price the plans on the basis of the current age which is called as community rated or no-age-rated. It can also be priced based on the age during buying the policy-issue-age-rated- or based on the current age of the plan holder also known as attained-age-rated pricing. The customers should clearly discuss the pricing methodology and arrive at the best premium.


Buying the Medicare Supplement Plan

After considering all the above-mentioned factors, one can make the final purchase of the Medigap policy. It is important to arrive at an ideal plan to purchase as it may not be possible to change the plan in future.

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